A guide for safe crane operation

Cranes are responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting in construction work-spaces and industrial construction zones. Indeed, cranes are one important utility that is found in every logistics hub and job site. Where some businesses own their own cranes, others get a crane for rent whenever required.

In a number of industries, they perform important heavy lifting in order to let the business remain productive. Due to their widespread usage, they have become a part of life for a number of workers.

Well, even if cranes are very commonly present in industrial zones and are often taken for granted, we cannot turn a blind eye on its hazards.

When cranes are operated in a safe manner, they are a crucial element in the supply chain. However, if used carelessly, they can quickly become a hazard to the property and people around.

Top tips for safe crane operation

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some tips for safe crane operation so that disasters can be avoided in your workplace.

Make sure that the operator is qualified

Heavy machinery like crane requires a specialized operator, who has the knowledge of the machine’s safety and proper usage. This is the prime reason why you should confirm that your employees/workers carry the right crane expertise. Moreover, they should also have a basic knowledge about different crane types.

Apart from knowing the machine inside out, operators should also know each and every safety/emergency procedure. This also includes the current hand signals.

Inspect the equipment before lifting it

Operators of a crane should inspect the load before they lift it. For instance, a visual inspection regarding any mechanical cracks or wears in the booms/cables can prevent potential mishaps. In case the booms or cables have signs of wear and tear, they should be discarded immediately and should be sent out of service for repair. This will also prevent further damage to the equipment through crack propagation.

On top of that, loads should be examined properly in order to ensure that they are secured. Moreover, operators should also confirm that the load is well within the machine’s lifting capacity.

Make the area off-limit

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the work site is totally safe. So, make sure that the entire area of crane operation is set off-limits to ground workers. In this regard, set up a safe perimeter away from the crane and reinforce the precautions at everyday safety briefings.

Making the plans beforehand will allow operators and managers to clear off the people at the right time.

Set an adequate time for the crane’s operation

Crane operation can be a slow process. Often at times, accidents occur due to carelessness and unnecessarily quick operation. However, in case the time is short, staff and operators often try to rush the job which can result in accidents.

So make sure that you have allocated adequate time to the crane’s operation so that the operators can sit back and do their job carefully.

Review all the safety checklists

Cranes are a complex piece of machinery. Since they are so complicated, some procedures can easily be forgotten before and during its operation. Hence, it is very important to provide a checklist of safety protocols to the employees. This applies to every worker on the site, along with the crane operators.

At the same time, every employee should be asked to make a review of the safety cards before beginning their shift. In case you are using crane rental services VA, make sure that the crane is well-maintained and is up to date.

Ending note

Remember, heavy equipment such as cranes can quickly become a liability in case they are not functioning properly. Moreover, the operators also need to be experienced enough for safe and efficient operation.