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Different types of construction cranes

Moving heavy machinery, lifting heavy material and things were never that easy as it is now. And this is just because of one of the greatest inventions of all time, yes! I’m talking about the invention of cranes. Building tallest buildings, bridges, and moving heavy machinery and materials is possible just because of the invention of cranes. Cranes are mostly used in the construction field. There are a lot of types of cranes that are used for construction purposes. Some of them are described in detail below.

Mobile cranes:

The very first and also a very common type of cranes are mobile crane. As it is clear from its name, these cranes can move from one place to another really easily because consist of a steel truss which is mounted on a moving platform which could be a rail, wheeled, or a cat truck. The steel truss can be raised or lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders. This is a very famous type of construction cranes because it can reach the place where others cannot.

Telescopic cranes:

In the boom this type of construction crane, there are a number of booms that are fitted one inside another. A hydraulic mechanism helps the tubes available in the boom to extend and provide a longer and reliable boom. The shapes of most of the cranes these days are just like the telescopic crane.

Tower crane:

The modern shape of the old telescopic crane is now available as the tower crane. When these cranes are fixed in the ground they offer a great combination of height and lifting capacity. These cranes are best to use for the construction of tall buildings. Some large cranes can reach up to the height of 1000 meters.

Truck mounted train:

A mid-sized crane mounted on a rubber tire truck provides a great mobility. They can transport the weight of 50-ton maximum. These cranes are the best ones for loading goods in the truck. As it is mentioned in the title, their versatility is found in their mobility and reach.

Rough terrain crane:

As it is cleared from the tires of this crane, this thing is designed for the operations off the road. These types of cranes are the ideal one for the construction sites that are full of dirt, rocks, and bumpy surface. It’s another type of mobile crane and it can lift more weight than any other existing mobile crane.

Loader crane:

If we call this crane as the father of mobile cranes it would not be a lie. Loader crane is also known as the folding boom crane. The lifting capacity of these cranes has increased dramatically over the years. Today, a crane of the capacity of 200-ton is available in the market.

Overhead crane:

Crane companies VA use this overhead crane to make other cranes. These types of cranes are commonly used in the mega-factories. Some of these overhead cranes can lift very heavy loads. These giant overhead cranes can be found in the shipyard and large outdoor manufacturing plants.