Importance of preserving culture

Culture means different things to different people. Every human society has been considered has having its own cultural heritage. Culture includes the society’s beliefs, customs, arts, institutions, values etc.  Culture is the deciding factor of behavioral patterns of the most people of a particular society. It provides a sense of oneness and belongingness to the members of the particular  group. It also allows the members to understand the history of the past generations of the group.

Preservation of culture

Preservation of culture is very important in view of the need for protecting the feeling of oneness and belongingness among the members of a particular cultural group. Cultural heritage includes an array of matters like poetry, traditions, dance forms, songs, rituals etc handed over to the present generation by the forefathers. Its survival is under threat consequent to the busy life pattern and overwhelming social obligations of the present day. Protection of our cultural heritage is the basis of preservation of cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is our right that needs to be protected by the laws of the land. Only through preservation of our cultural heritage the new generation and the coming generations will be able to understand and live according to the standards perceived by our forefathers.

Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage includes tangible elements of the existing culture of a society like building, landscape, monuments, works of art etc. It also included intangible elements like folklore, language, knowledge, traditions, beliefs etc. Cultural heritage of a group of people are unique, beautiful and irreplaceable. The responsibility of preserving the present culture to the future generation is vested in the hands of the present generation. The present generation has to maintain the identity of the people handed over to them by their beloved ancestors and practice the same habits and manners so that no change in the cultural heritage is brought about during their period of life in this world. Conserving the cultural heritage can be achieved only by keeping it alive and by following it to till the last breath.

Duty of the present generation

It is the duty of the present generation to acknowledge the necessity and importance of preserving the rich cultural heritage. One needs to show respect to the culture no matter how humble it seems to be. One should feel proud of his cultural heritage and identity. It is the duty of the present generation to keep hold of the present culture firmly and pass on to the coming generation so that it will remain like that for many more generation to come.