Top 5 Things All Porsche Owners Should Know

Porsche is a luxury car, therefore, it cannot be treated as an ordinary car. If you own a Porsche, congratulations.  But you should know that with great blessings, come great responsibilities. Here the top things all Porsche owners should know.

All you need to know about Porsche maintenance

Engine Oil

There are certain car drivers who suggest that all engine oils are the same. Well, someone should ask them, “are all cars same?”

No, right. For taking care of Porsche, you have to go an extra mile. Porsche uses a high performance oil known as Mobil1.

NOTE: There are many oils in the market. While many claim to be better, the performance of Mobil 1 has been thoroughly tested.

Porsche Maintenance

Car owners might be fooled by shops which offer discounts. Truth is, there are bigger than mere “discounts” you should take account of.

For example, the car owner you are going to, is his shop certified? Does he know the technical training to operate on Porsche maintenance?

If it is not a Porsche repair shop, it is highly likely that sub-standard repairing will ultimately damage your car, one way or another.

You might feel happy by saving a couple of hundred bucks but in the long run, you and your car will suffer, simply because you did not take your care to Porsche repair shop

Porsche Wipers

For best compatibility, you should use company manufactured products. Although there are certain Chinese equipment, which may fit with every car. But, there is neither guarantee nor authentication of a real product.

As recommended by certified Porsche repair shops, you should use company’s own “Porsche wipers” These are handy, efficient and last much longer than sub-standard wipers.

Porsche Wheels Matter

The strength of a sports car depends upon many things and one of them are wheels. Also, Porsche is one of those cars which have undergone extensive tire development in recent history. Poor manufactured wheels often result in poor performance and extensive road accidents.

When picking any wheel, you have to look at following questions:

  • How good are they in terms of grip?
  • Which company has manufactured them?
  • How cool is the design of the wheel?
  • What is the price?

Bring your car to a certified Porsche repair shops and they will recommend the best wheels for your car. Depending upon your car’s model and your pocket, you will have a wide range of choosing particular set of wheels.

Paint Job

While any Porsche repair shop will arguably stop you from doing a custom paint job because paint job done by the car manufacturers is the best paint job your car can ever get.

However, there are no limits to hobbies. If you consider yourself a hardcore petrol head, you should go for a paint job.

Pick a design from social media and give it to custom painters. A good paint job is electrostatic in nature. The opposite attraction between paint and car surface sits well and give it the car a realistic touch.

What are the Benefits of hiring a Travel Trailer?

Where to find RV rentals? If this is your concern, then you have multiple options to choose from. These days, travel trailers have become the most common type of RV units to be used and they can be hired at a fairly reasonable and affordable price. Travel trailers have become so popular because they can be easily attached to with different vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs, vans. When it comes to the small travel trailers, they can be even attached with a car.

Types of Travel Trailers

There are 2 different varieties of travel trailers which you can hire on rental basis. They are

  • Hard walled, and
  • Soft walled

Besides, there are many hybrid models which are available these days with fabric extensions which tend to pop out on both the ends. When it comes to the exterior, they are made of aluminum siding. However, these days some of them come with fiberglass sidings which are easy to clean.

When it comes to the larger models, there can be three slides attached to them. Talking about the interior, they are spacious and offer enough room to have spent a night comfortably. The number of people, it can accommodate depends on the size of the trailer.

Benefits of Travel Trailers

If you are planning to hire a travel trailer, it is a wise decision. Travel trailers offer numerous benefits which can make your journey enjoyable and fun. Here are a couple of them:

  • You can find a fair amount of living space. Here you will find separate area for kitchen, sitting area and bathroom.
  • You can carry your home attached with your vehicle. This allows you the luxury to halt anywhere you feel like during any time of the day and take some rest. The fact that they come with kitchens and bathrooms that make life easier for you.
  • Most of the travel trailers come with separate water supply. They have a separate water tank attached with them which gives you access to ample amount of water.
  • These days, the travel trailers have provisions for electricity connection which makes life more easy and comfortable for you

When it comes to Travel trailers rentals, you must make sure that they are in a proper condition and has all the provisions which you are looking for. Since there are so many options available these days, it won’t be difficult for you to find something that matches your preference.