hair loss

Important information one need to know about hair transplant in eye brow shaping

For some women enhancing the color of eyebrows or creating an illusion of fuller brows is the story of their life.  We all know that eye brows are the frames a face. But due to some circumstances like hormonal changes occurring due to hypothyroidism, or   side effect of chemotherapy which are out of control of the persons concerned, eye brow starts losing hair.

Other causes for losing hair

There are other causes for the loss of eyebrows which includes plucking of eyebrows. By constantly plucking eye brows some hair follicle may get removed. When this is continued for some years without any control, it can result in permanent hair loss. Using vigorous brow make up can also be troublesome in this regard. The repetitive rubbing and pressure caused by eye brow pencil can result in the damage of hair follicles. Nutrition is another factor that affects loss of hair in the eyebrow. A poor diet can be insufficient in essential vitamins or minerals.  This can result in general loss of air throughout the body. Age is another factor that naturally contributed to the loss hair in the eye brow.

Hair Transplant

The solution to the loss of eye brow hairs is hair transplant using new techniques. If you are a person planning or thinking of hair transplantation surgery for reviving your eye brow, it is better you start Understanding NeoGraft hair transplants, Rockville This is a minimally invasive procedure which assures guaranteed success to the persons who opt for this method. Not much downtime is involved in this case or no scars will be left after the completion of the surgical procedure. Women in their forties form huge chunk of the applicants for this procedure. For transplanting purpose hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp where there will be plenty of hair.  Harvesting area for this hair transplant procedure will be only about  2 square inches. Understanding NeoGraft hair transplants will reveal that it is very important to place the replanted hair in the original position of the hair so that it looks natural. If some hairs are placed in a different angle, it will look awkward and the transplantation will tend to be a failure. The replanted hair follicles will fall away after a few days or weeks. But they will again start growing after three months. And the hair so growing will be permanent and one can comb and apply make up to this hair.