10 Lovable Long Distance Relationship Tips

Are you the one who is keeping long distance relationship? If yes, this post is for you. The tips and guide will provide you with useful long distance relationship.

Long distance relationship tips

Here you can make the long distance relationship better and work for longer.

  1. Set Rules for Expectations

The biggest problem for couples in long distance relationships is to manage the expectations. The desires and expectation become really high but when it comes to managing them, the couple fail. So you should set rules in order to deal with problems, issues, demands and expectation. Both the partners should follow the rules set to keep it going smoothly.

  1. Communicate Regularly

As in the long distance relationships you can’t meet, you have to maintain the regular communication. Without regular talk and communication, you may see a decline in the intensity. But sometimes keeping distance is better in order to develop more passionate feelings. However, communication and that on regular basis is essential to make a long distance relationship work.

  1. Talk Dirty with Each Other

People who meet can have sexual relationships. But couples in distance relationships have no such opportunities. What they can do is to keep the bond strong with sexting. The sexual chat and dirty talks will keep you both engaged and involved in each other. You can never deny the sexual need of humans. So be good at when it comes to talking dirty with each other.

  1. Stay Honest with Your Partner

Neither of the partner in long distance relationship knows what the other partner is doing. They will know only when you inform them, update about your life and share things honestly. For keeping long distance relationship work, you have to be honest. Never hide even the smallest things that can be important to your partner.

  1. Make Visits to Each Other

In the long distance relationships, visiting each other can be difficult for both the partners. It depends on various factors, like the distance between the two, time availability, expenses as well as adjustment between the two. But believe me, on and off and casual visits to your partner will make your relationships healthier. Both the partners should visit the other turn by turn to keep it simple.

  1. Exchange Gifts and Presents

The relationships expect you to be selfless and careful with each other. Know about the special things about your partner. Send them special surprises and gifts or surprise them with your visits. This will help both the partners to enjoy the relationship, add happiness to their life and keep the relationship working.

  1. Video-Call Whenever Possible

There was a time when people in long distance relationships could not even talk on phone. But now we have everything. The social media as well as video calling apps make things really simple. Make sure you both have smartphones so that you can talk on the video call and enjoy everything. Also respect the schedule of your partner and fix a time when you video call.

  1. Be Committed to the Relationship

Keeping long distance relationship may be hard but even harder is being committed to your partner. Don’t take it for granted. There should be respect and consider it as you are with each other. Everyone feels the pain when they can’t meet but things don’t remain same all the time. Show commitment and never use your partner just to spend some time.

  1. Take it as an Actual Breakup

In the long distance relationships, you can’t talk all the time or all the day and you can’t meet so often. So you have to treat it as an actual breakup to keep yourself busy, engaged with the friends, family and work. This will help you sooth the loneliness. But never lose trust and patience.

  1. Never Give Up

“Never give up, because the next time you get to hold your significant other in your arms and squeeze them just a little too tight, the moments spent apart will all be worth it”. This was a beautiful piece of advice a user shared when BuzzFeed asked about the best tips for long distance relationships. This seems to be pretty good and valid for every single couple in long distance relationships.

Most Common Lies Women Tell In Relationships

Well here is something men would really enjoy reading!

Being honest is something that now remains part of course books or stories, in real life, it has lost it true essence. However, the pursuit of truth is never going to be abandoned, since no one likes being kept in the dark, especially by someone they value so much.

When you are dishonest with someone, you deny him/her the privilege of the full story. Every relationship is built on honesty. But then why do women have to tell lies when in a relationship?

Let’s have a look at some of the lies and try to understand the motive behind them.

Age, The Need To Be Young Forever

Most women lie about their age. They prefer cutting off a few digits from the real one. But why? Simply because men prefer women who are younger. Despite being already younger than the men they are committed to; they will further play the fake numbers to appear much younger than they actually are.

The Relationship Status

A woman will never admit to any relationship if she begins to develop an interest in you. Why would she agree to something that would cost her YOU?! Therefore, she will begin by telling you she is single to enjoy your company and wait for you to fall for her as well.

Not To Have Flirted With Other Guys

Telling you she has never flirted with other men, or that she doesn’t is a lie. Girls are way better than men in judging the body language, so they know when a guy is interested or flirting. They lie to have a backup, or to fight boredom, etc.

Being Just Friends With Another Guy

You must have heard this a lot of time, ‘he is just a friend, he is not interested.’ Well either she is being naïve or fooling you. The kind of messages and remarks the ‘friend’ passes makes things crystal clear that at some point they had more than friendship on their minds. Maybe women have guy friends to get validation, or perhaps out of boredom, or she must have other plans for him. Women are nasty backup planners!

Cost Of Things

Money squeezes itself into a conversation one way or the other. Many times, women do lie about their spending habits or the cost of things they buy. Also, they don’t want the labels of being materialistic or a shopaholic. Therefore, they end up hiding the prices or cutting a few bucks when showing off new shoes or dress.

Why Do Women Tell Lies?

Women have been lying to you but let’s pick up something positive from this. This signals that she is interested in you. However, this doesn’t give them the right to con men. They should keep it simple and honest. If the person doesn’t accept you the way you are, then there is no point in being with the person. The value lies in the person.