What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events

Event organizers involved in the business of corporate tent rentals should have the deep knowledge of types of corporate events to keep up their business reputation and further grow in same domain successfully.

Below are the most common kinds of corporate events that businesses love to hold.


Seminars are mostly considered to be held for educational purposes, i.e. educating the audience about the set objective. It is not same like any lecture as seminars have to be an interactive session where the audience is allowed to discuss with the speakers about their opinions and reservations. It is a formal event with varying size of audience for networking people where one speaker is usually said to address the whole audience for any exchange of information. Also, seminars are meant to focus on one topic generally as compared to other corporate events and it lasts for a half or full day.


Generally people confuse conferences with seminars as both seem quite similar; however, conferences aim to provide opportunities for people from same domain to learn from each other, network and share information. This means conferences are held to present an opportunity to professionals to discuss a particular topic formally which can be documented later officially. Other important thing in conferences is that there could be multiple conferences held at same time in different rooms and people may attend any conference as per their preferences.

So, conferences are said to be the most professional events where professionals belonging to same sector from different parts of the world may get together for a limited time to network, inspire and learn from each other.

Also, Conferences are said to be longer than seminars and may continue for three to four days from morning to evening time with two or three tea breaks and one lunch break.

Team Building Events

As the name suggests, these events are held for motivating employees and boost their morale to increase productivity and efficiency. These events are focused on improving employee communication skills, boosting confidence in employees and encourage them to work together with unity. Corporate team building events are generally in-house events which include fun activities and solving interesting brain puzzles and riddles as a team.

These events should be planned by considering what kind of activities and puzzles will fire up your employees and motivate them to participate as a team and make efforts to compete. This is a kind of enjoyment for employees who are exhausted from their workload where they can interact with different people and take a break from their hectic routines.

Business Dinners

There are generally different aims of business dinners, however, the most common aim is to interact and network with your business partners to improve business strategies and business relationships. While other business dinners can be a rewarding dinner for accomplishment of any employee, a team building dinner is to boost their morale or it is a dinner for a prospective client to discuss the upcoming business opportunities which may conclude at a reasonable hour.

Launching of Any New Product or Service

These events are generally of fancy type as per the kind of product or service that is going to be launched to create hype among the audience and targeted market. Generally, there are some fun activities, videos and presentations related to the new product or service describing the features and outcomes in depth. Also, these events may involve small giveaways, celebrity guests, live entertainment and dinners. Audience mostly involves the direct consumers and the media people to cover the whole event. Media coverage is a key aim of these events for proper marketing and spreading information among targeted market.

Rewarding Events

These events are held to celebrate the accomplishment of employees or a company either after completing any project or annual evaluations. It is common to use round tables rentals MD in such kind of events where different groups of people are seated together to celebrate the evaluation ceremony of all employees followed by incentives, awards or certificates. The key aim of such events is to appreciate employee loyalty as well as consumer loyalty which usually last for a few hours or a half day but is considered as a memorable one in company’s portfolio.

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