Some healthy snacks for healthy heart

Often we have seen doctors and other health care providers dubbing snacks as unhealthy. But recent research has shown that snacks need not be completely dubbed as unhealthy. The snacks you eat matters. One can see that the most common snacks which we use are not health friendly. But most of us often go for it as we don’t want to make it in the kitchen.  If we are knowledgeable and ready to take little strain for maintaining a healthy heart, we can make delicious and healthy snacks from the material that is readily available in our kitchen.

Importance of healthy snacks

Normally we get attractive snacks from each nook and corner which are unhealthy and bad for heart. We eat junk food only to satiate our hunger as we don’t have time to spend in the kitchen.  When it is done on rare occasions, it is okay. But we should be aware that such food can cause damage to cardiovascular system. The unhealthy fats contained in snacks can clog the arteries and veins which circulate blood throughout the body. It also helps in putting up more weight and makes a person obese.

Healthy heart

It is not right to blame the fatty oils used in the neighboring outlets. The sedentary life styles s followed by modern people accentuates the harmful effect of the oily snacks. In fact, our life style and not the snacks, is the culprit. The preparation of heart friendly snacks in our kitchens itself and complete rejection of readymade snacks is the solution for many problems related to heart. So I am going to discuss some good snacks that can be prepared in our kitchen making use of the readily available materials in the kitchen.

  1. Mushroom egg – white omelette: This is a low calorie snack which is very tasty, easy to make and perfect for heart health.
  2. Dalia Upma: This is a good snack with right combination of very essential items. It is rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral and is very good in re-energizing the person who eats it.
  3. Whole wheat with egg white crepes: This is a delicious snack rich in nutrients. Therefore it is a healthy snack option to elders who face the risk of heart diseases.
  4. Green peas, carrot, brown bread sandwich: This snack is rich in proteins, fibers and vitamin A. It requires less time for preparation. Some ketch up and boiled carrots can be added to make it healthier and tastier.
  5. Egg-white spinach-omlette: People with cholesterol problems can boldly take egg white without any concerns as spinach is included in this snack.