Things To Do Before A Kitchen Inspection

In a world of restaurants, the announcement of commercial kitchen appliance inspection is no less than a horror film. With even a small error of negligence, a penalty of thousands of dollar with firing of multiple staff employees can occur in a matter of seconds. No doubt, it is challenging, but with the help of a good commercial kitchen appliance service and the professionalism of your own kitchen staff, you can do it. We have compiled a list of tips through which you can pull off a successful kitchen inspection. Good luck!

Using The Same Code of Conduct

Know about the kind of rules being applied by local health department. Apply the similar set of regulations inside your restaurant’s kitchen so that when a health officer comes to inspect, he/she senses a familiarity. This would increase your chances to be inside the safe zone.

Get an Outsider’s Impression

Close your eyes and think that you yourself are a health inspector. Now open your eyes. Go outside the kitchen and come back, feeling like a health inspector. This will give you an insight on how an outsider would view your kitchen. If you see something wrong, get it fixed with the help of a commercial kitchen appliance service.

Signs Do Matter

Put up signs of cleanliness and washing of hands inside the kitchen. In the eyes of public health officers, they matter a lot. This means you are willing to put effort on the cleaning aspects of your appliances by commercial appliances service.

Brief Your Staff

It is important to brief your staff about the procedure of health inspection. It is important to be on the same level as your staff. If some of your employees have trouble speaking English or English is their secondary language, consider hiring a professional trainer to train them about what to do and how to proceed during the inspection. Knowing about the ebb and flow of the whole procedure would make the staff ready well before time. The kitchen staff in return, would be extra careful and would surely implement the health safety regulations. They may even rehearse how to react in presence of inspection officer to give a more realistic performance.

Training The Managers

Make sure your managers are up to date with latest food safety techniques regarding commercial kitchen appliances. The employees of your restaurant can benefit from the educational food safety programs, issued by NRAEF (National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation)

Get Politically Involved

You may think this tip as far-fetched, but trust me, having political connection is viable to your strength. Who knows, your connections could land you a position in health code revision committee. Being in politics can increase your business and help you better prepared for inspections as you will potentially have all the inside information. You could even get discounts on commercial kitchen appliances based on your connections.

Knowing The Local Codes

It is good to know the local health codes. A lot of people think it’s no big deal and that what rules may be applied in another state, maybe valid in your state. Truth is, you never know. What is valid in other states, maybe banned in your state, so why take the risk of a severe penalty? Review the local codes and make sure the restaurant’s commercial appliance services are incoherence with the local health codes.

That’s it. Make sure you have everything repaired from commercial appliances service, VA to make a good impression on the kitchen inspector.