Know More about the Reason to Choose Quartz for Your Kitchen Countertops

In case you are searching for a premium kitchen counter material you may at first think about using marble. Nevertheless there’s an alternative choice you might need to consider and the best alternative available is Quartz. Quartz floors are made from approx. 90% quartz and 10% adhesive resin with some fashions seeming a lot like natural jewel. You could have observed quartz countertops which are often referred to a number of well-known brands which are easily available and they include DuPont’s Zodiaq HanStone, Okite, and Formica’s Crystallite, and also as Silestone.

Colour of Quartz

One of many advantages quartz has over other organic substances is that there’s an enormous range of colors to select from. Which means you can be daring or as traditional are you wish. In addition, there is an exceptionally refined option or a distinctive rock effect when choosing your quartz countertop.

You would certainly not have an issue with quartz when you order for a countertop and you will certainly be very happy to understand that you won’t have any nasty shocks about its color or the cut.


If you’re planning to spend plenty of cash on your own kitchen you will need a material which keeps looking great for many years in the future. One advantage quartz has when compared to granite is the fact that sealing is not required – this is perfect for those who have a lifestyle that is active. Nevertheless it is recommended that you just wipe any leaks to be on the safe side.

Costs of Quartz

The cost of the Quartz is calculated based on linear foot and you will end up paying around $1-10 to $250 per foot.

Easy to maintain

Quartz counter tops are easy to maintain and hence are best suited for people who have a very active lifestyle. A little effort to clean them and make them sparkle and glitter.

If you’re fed-up of your kitchen then replacing your counter top can go quite a distance to provide a lavish appearance and giving your kitchen a much needed make over. This is the reason quartz countertops fabricator Chantilly are now days are being chosen by many individuals.