Expert Tips to Blend Human Hair Extensions

If you have ever wondered how some people managed to grow their hair overnight, human hair extensions are the answer. In just a matter of seconds, these extensions can transform not just your hair but your looks as a whole. It doesn’t matter if you want length, volume, or both, as blending your extensions is as equally important as their color.

At first it might seem a bit tricky to blend your extensions with your own natural hair. To make it easier, check out these tips straight from the experts as to how to naturally blend your extensions with your natural hair.

Choose the Right Color

While this tip might seem a bit straightforward, choosing the right color of your extensions is as vital as the cut. Good thing that ombre hair remains in style, so you can always choose a color that is several shares lighter if you will opt to go this route. However, see to it that you pick a color which turns from dark to light.

Also, you might want to check if your favorite extensions company can offer to send over some samples, or tell you the specific salons that might have these samples in stock.

Trim the Extensions

Many experts agree that the most vital tip when it comes to making your natural hair and your extensions blend well is the right layers. There is no need to be afraid here since cutting the extensions can make them look much better. Of course, you wouldn’t want your extensions to scream fake at one glance, right?  If you have a short haircut, and you are using long extensions, these could make your hair seem choppy when the layering is not right.

Take note that extensions will never grow back so try to be conservative when you cut them. If you are not too comfortable with the use of a pair of shears, see to it that you get in touch with a professional as they can help you in layering your extensions to suit your face and hair.

Curl Your Hair

Although many extensions look great when they are long and straight, giving the hair with a little bit of texture can do magical wonders. Curling the hair can help the extensions in folding in your natural hair to give it that seamless look and line.These are some of the tips to remember when you want to blend your natural hair and extensions properly.