How Can You Improve Your Heating System?

With the arrival of winters, you have a tendency to worry about your central heating unit repair. The heating system is the most component of winter, after all, you cannot take a bath in ice-cold water, can you?

Making Your Heating Unit Efficient

For your heating unit repair, you will need to call up a professional so that he can thoroughly check your system and clear out any faults. Even if you are one of these people who take care of their stuff and get them regularly serviced or checked, even then there are ways to increase the efficiency of your heating system through the central heating unit repair. By repair, it does not mean that you will have to get the whole of it repaired, but little changes here and there and little techniques which will save you huge electricity bills and improve the heating unit.

Radiator Reflectors

The first and foremost things for your heating unit repair is get it annually checked and cleaned. Apart from it, one thing you can do is to get radiator reflectors installed. Mostly the heat from the radiators is bounced outside in the atmosphere which causes a lot of energy wastage. Installing a radiator reflector on the radiator will make sure that the heat does not escape and is bounced back inside the house.

Radiator Bleeding

Sometimes there might be small leaks in the radiator pipes or when it was fixed there was a little air trapped inside. This will lead to your boiler working harder to heat your home and water may also be filled inside. For this, you need to bleed your radiator regularly. Do this by using a radiator key and switching the valve, making sure that it is turned off. Keep a bucket below to catch any water droplets. This will increase the efficiency of your heater and you will need to worry about your central heating unit repair.


A thermostat is an easy and a cheap way to increase efficiency. A thermostat will let you lower or increase the temperature thereby not waste the energy and cause high bills.

Cleaning or Replacing Filters

Filters are the most important part of a heater. Dirt and debris may get clogged up in the filter thereby causing the boiler to work hard for heating and giving impure air inside your house. Clean the filters regularly or get better yet, get them replaced once a year for better performance.


This is a very simple and cheap technique. You just need to get a power flush done in the pipes and tank of your heating unit which will clear out all the dirt and debris and make your heater clean and efficient.

Magnetic Filters

Water contained many compounds and elements which are very minute and dangerous. A magnetic filter will attract all the iron compounds and not cause it to go the boiler thereby increasing the efficiency and smooth, clean running of the heating unit.

You will never need a heating unit repair, VA if you do all the above-mentioned things religiously as it will ensure a long and efficient working of your heating unit.