Watch out for the clash in the polls

When you speak of the on-going Presidential polls in the United States, the Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush factor is written all over the walls. At present, Hilary Clinton seems to be the most favourable figure in the country and may go all the way to victory.

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The Republican Party will offer a stiff resistance and it remains to be seen if the truth comes out against the popular expectations. Both the leaders are potential enough to snatch the seat and a section of the experts are of the opinion that both of them can be defeated if a third party gains the limelight. Politics is, after all, a game of predictions and you never know who is going to rule over you in the days to come. However, it is unexpected results do turn up. There are different experts who can predict the results of the polls beforehand.

The real polling battle

History has time-tested evidence that the most favourable person is left out during the polls. In the last few days, the leader of the Democratic Party has run into a messy controversy regarding sending of emails to the potential voters just before the polls. The Republican counterpart can fancy his chance for the big win. However, the popular expectations are in favour of the former, and she can still gain from the people.

On the other hand, the support of the people is the real force behind the victory of the leaders. The Republican Party has immense support from the minorities. Needless to say, they constitute a major section of the population of the nation. Thus, it may happen that he goes all the way to snatch the big seat. However, predictions do not turn out to e true every time. During the 1980’s, 80% of the predictions came to be true. The rate has gone up now. Apart from that, the reputation that Hillary enjoys is a great boost for her.

The support for President

After all, Hillary Clinton 2016 may turn out to be victorious, given that 270 seats are in favour of her, according to the latest predictions. People have been betting over the matter and it is evident that she is going to be the next President  in the post-Obama era. The expectations are high and it is only a matter of time to decide who is going to be in the White house for the next few years.